Diagnosing Diabetes Customized PLTW Kit Pack

Catalog #PLTW-DDU

For Project Lead The Way’s Principles of Biomedical Science course.

Time To Complete Time to complete: Two 40-minute class periods + homework

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This Unassembled kit pack contains all of the materials necessary to assemble 10 student kits.

  • Samples are provided for 3 Patients (Patient A, Patient B, and Anna Garcia) for simulated Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and Insulin Test (IT) .
  • All directions and materials are customized to follow the directions in the Project Lead The Way Principles of Biomedical Science activity 2.1.1.

Limit 1 free sample per customer

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Each assembled kit contains:

  • Instructions for assembling kits
  • Printed labels
  • 310 small plastic droppers
  • 300 1.5 mL microtubes
  • 10 2.0 mL microtubes
  • 10 Glucose and Insulin Testing Sheets
  • 10 Glucose Test Paper and Insulin Test Indicator color charts
  • 160 pieces of “Glucose Test Paper”
  • 10 small plastic vials
  • Simulated “Insulin Indicator”
  • Patient A simulated “Blood Plasma”
  • Patient B simulated “Blood Plasma”
  • Anna Garcia simulated “Blood Plasma”
  • 5 graduated transfer pipets
  • 30 4”x6” plastic bags
  • 10 3”x5” plastic bags
  • 10 9”x12” plastic bags
  • 10 “Diabetes and the Glucose Tolerance Test” handouts

Also required: Scissors, tape or glue, safety goggles

Teacher Testimonial

Great visual models and definitely correlates to the standards.

- High school biology teacher (FL)

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