Yeast Respiration

Catalog #STO-103

How does changing the type of food affect yeast respiration?

Time To Complete Time to complete: Two or three 40-minute class periods

Does yeast respiration occur more efficiently at warm or cool temperatures? Follow the lab instructions to answer this question.

Which food type (honey or table sugar) is better for yeast respiration? Design and conduct your own experiment to answer this question.

  • Set up the experiment using warm and cool environments.
  • Collect, record, and graph the data.
  • Draw conclusions based on the data.
  • Design your own experiment using table sugar and honey.
  • Set up your experiment.
  • Collect, record, and graph your data.
  • Draw conclusions based on your data.

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Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • 2 plastic test tubes with holes punched in the caps
  • 2 large plastic cups
  • 2 small plastic cups
  • 1 small measuring cup
  • 2 stirrers
  • 3 packets of table sugar
  • 1 packet of honey
  • 3 small tubes of yeast

Also required: Cold and warm water, safety goggles

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