From DNA to Protein Structure and Function – Free Sample

Catalog #STO-106F

Create a protein model.

Time To Complete Time to complete: Two 40-minute periods

What do genes do? Model how the coded information in genes results in proteins that perform specific functions in the body.

  • Transcribe the DNA code to make a messenger RNA code.
  • Translate the RNA code to make a sequence of amino acids in a protein.
  • Create a bead and chenille stem model of the protein.
  • Follow the rules of chemistry to fold your protein into its 3D shape.
  • Explore how protein shapes affect proteins function in your body

Limit 1 free sample per customer

Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • 19 inch chenille stem
  • Universal Genetic Code Chart
  • Beads – red, blue, white, and yellow
  • From DNA to Protein Record Sheet

Also required: Colored pencils, markers or crayons

Teacher Testimonial

What a great out of the box hands on experiment. These are such great tools!

- High school biology teacher (TX)

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