Flower Forensics

Catalog #STO-113

Has a rare, black orchid been illegally cloned?

Time To Complete Time to complete: Two 40-minute class periods + homework

The owner of a local flower store has asked you to investigate a possible crime: the theft and illegal cloning of his prized black orchids.

  • Collect and analyze data to compare a rare black orchid with three suspicious black orchids.
  • Compare orchid structures using diagrams of the four orchid flowers.
  • Perform simulations of chromatography of plant pigments, enzyme assays, restriction enzyme digestion and gel electrophoresis.

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Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • Diagrams of orchids
  • Simulated “Electrophoresis Gel”
  • DNA Strips
  • Genetic code chart
  • 4 samples of simulated “Orchid flower extracts”
  • 4 labeled droppers
  • Chemical X Test Strip
  • 1 tube of simulated “Chemical X Indicator Powder”
  • 1 mini-scoop
  • 1 plastic cup
  • Chromatography paper
  • 1 pencil

Also required: Scissors, transparent tape, water, safety goggles

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Flower Forensics – Pack of 10 Unassembled Kits

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Unassembled packs contain materials for 10 kits.

  • All supplies, lab materials, and printed labels
  • Student instructions copy master
  • Easy to follow instructions for kit assembly
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Flower Forensics – 10 Kit Refill Pack

Catalog # STO-113R

Refill packs contain materials to replace consumable supplies for 10 kits.

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10 - 1000$49.88 ea.

Teacher Testimonial

Really enjoyed the kits and how they relate to the topics necessary to cover.

- High school biology teacher (OK)

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