Beebops: Genetics and Evolution

Catalog #STO-105

Create a baby Beebop!

Time To Complete Time to complete: Three to five 40-minute class periods + homework

Why are Beebop babies in the same family different? Model how sexual reproduction results in offspring with different characteristics.

Which Beebop babies are most likely to survive and reproduce? Explore how natural selection affects the frequency of characteristics and genes in the Beebop population.

  • Use paper chromosomes to show how meiosis produces egg and sperm cells
  • Combine the egg and sperm cells to produce a zygote (fertilized egg).
  • Decode the genes in the zygote to produce an adorable baby Beebop.
  • Compare your baby Beebop to other babies in the Beebop Family Album.
  • Use information on the Beebops' environment to select which Beebop babies will survive and reproduce.
  • Predict what will happen to the frequency of traits and genes in the Beebop population.

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Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • 1 white foam Beebop body
  • 4 glue dots
  • 1 pom pom
  • 2 green chenille stems
  • 2 blue chenille stems
  • 2 yellow chenille stems
  • 1 frilled toothpick
  • 2 black eyes
  • 2 colored eyes
  • 1 black push pin
  • 1 white push pin
  • 1 clear push pin
  • 4 beads
  • 6 arrow picks
  • 1 paper umbrella
  • 2 squares of red tissue paper
  • 2 squares of white tissue paper
  • Parent Beebop Diagram
  • Beebop Family Album
  • Beebop Decoding Chart
  • Male and female Beebop chromosome sheets

Also required: Tape, scissors, colored pencils, markers, or crayons

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