Community Environmental Health Kits

Science Take-Out’s Community Environmental Health (CEH) kits are designed to engage diverse community audiences in learning about environmental health issues. These short, user-friendly activities add a hands-on element to community trainings, informal education, health fairs, and other diverse settings. The kits also encourage discussions about ways to reduce exposures to environmental health hazards.

About the CEH Kits

These kits were developed in partnership with University of Rochester and three other environmental health community engagement programs from across the country.

Click here for a short overview of all the CEH kits.

Click here for more information about the kit development process and about use of the kits with diverse participants.

Community Environmental Health Kits

How to Get the Kits

To meet the varied needs of community groups, we offer three ways to purchase the CEH kits:

  1. Purchase ready-made, individual kits (Assembled Kits). Each assembled kit has materials to be shared by 2 participants.
  2. Purchase bulk kit materials to assembled yourself (Pack of 10 Unassembled Kits)
  3. Purchase refill materials to re-use kits that you already have (10 Kit Refill Packs)

In each case, there is a discount when you order a larger number of kits.

If you prefer to make your own CEH kits, we will provide kit documents, lists of materials, and instructions, on request at no cost. Just send an email to [email protected] to request the CEH kit documents. You will need to purchase your own materials to make the kits.

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