Testing a Clot Buster

Catalog #STO-156

Test a new clot busting drug and engineer a clot removing tool.

Time To Complete Time to complete: Three or four 40 minute class periods

Blood clots that block blood vessels to parts of the brain may cause serious brain damage.  Clot-X is a simulated clot busting drug that dissolves blood clots.

  • Analyze patients’ stories to learn about strokes and the use of “clot buster” drugs.
  • Conduct simulated laboratory experiments to determine the concentration of Clot-X that is effective for treating strokes.
  • Analyze data from research on the safety and effectiveness of Clot-X by creating a data table and a bar graph.
  • Use models to engineer (design and evaluate) mechanical tools for restoring blood flow to blood vessels blocked by clots.

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Quantity Price
1 - 9$17.85 ea.
10 - 24$16.96 ea.
25 - 1000$16.07 ea.

Each assembled kit contains:

  • 4 tubes of “clotting protein”
  • Graduated dropper
  • Tube of “Artificial Blood”
  • 1 microtube of water
  • 3 microtubes of "Clot-X" (1, 5, and 10 mg/liter)
  • 1 stir stick
  • 4 straws
  • 4 compressed sponges
  • 4 brain labels
  • materials for engineering clot removing tools

Also required: Calculator, transparent tape or masking tape, safety goggles, tap water, paper towels for clean-up

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Testing a Clot Buster – Pack of 10 Unassembled Kits

Catalog # STO-156U

Unassembled packs contain materials for 10 kits.

  • All supplies, lab materials, and printed labels
  • Student instructions copy master
  • Easy to follow instructions for kit assembly
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Testing a Clot Buster – 10 Kit Refill Pack

Catalog # STO-156R

Refill packs contain materials to replace consumable supplies for 10 kits.

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10 - 1000$44.89 ea.

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