Pathogens, Antibodies, and Vaccines

Catalog #STO-138

Model how vaccines protect against bacterial diseases

Time To Complete Time to complete: Three 40-minute class periods

How does the immune response protect against diseases caused by bacteria?

  • Create models of pathogens, antibodies, and antigen-antibody interaction.
  • Perform simulated laboratory tests to compare the antibody levels of unvaccinated and vaccinated children children who have been exposed to the bacteria that cause pertussis.
  • Learn about the importance of childhood vaccinations to prevent diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.

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Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • 3 foam balls to model bacteria
  • Jewels (3 different shapes) to model antigens
  • Glue dots
  • Straws, clay, and rubber bands to model antibodies
  • Immunizations and the DTP Vaccine brochure
  • Pertussis Antibody Test Instructions
  • 4 simulated “Pertussis Antibody Test Strips”
  • 4 tubes of simulated “blood plasma” samples

Also required: Colored pens or pencils (3 different colors), safety goggles

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Pathogens, Antibodies, and Vaccines – Pack of 10 Unassembled Kits

Catalog # STO-138U

Unassembled packs contain materials for 10 kits.

  • All supplies, lab materials, and printed labels
  • Student instructions copy master
  • Easy to follow instructions for kit assembly
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Pathogens, Antibodies, and Vaccines – 10 Kit Refill Pack

Catalog # STO-138R

Refill packs contain materials to replace consumable supplies for 10 kits.

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10 - 1000$54.86 ea.

Teacher Testimonial

I love that it includes materials that are all provided in the kit and is easily refilled.

- High school biology teacher (FL)

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