Brains Under the Influence

Catalog #STO-137

What factors affect blood alcohol concentration?

Time To Complete Time to complete: Two 40-minute class periods

Conduct simulated blood alcohol tests and learn about alcohol poisoning and the effects of binge drinking on teens’ brains.

  • Collect and graph data on the effect of alcohol consumption on blood alcohol concentration.
  • Match the information from six mini-cases with the parts of the brain affected by alcohol.
  • Learn about reserach that links teen binge drinking to irreversible brain damage.

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Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • 3 tubes of simulated “blood plasma” samples after 2, 4, and 6 drinks
  • 3 simulated “Blood Alcohol Test Strips”
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Testing Instructions
  • Factsheet on alcohol poisoning
  • Article on teen binge drinking
  • Sheet of mini-case cards describing the behaviors of six individuals after drinking

Also required: Scissors, safety goggles

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Brains Under the Influence – Pack of 10 Unassembled Kits

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Unassembled packs contain materials for 10 kits.

  • All supplies, lab materials, and printed labels
  • Student instructions copy master
  • Easy to follow instructions for kit assembly
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Brains Under the Influence – 10 Kit Refill Pack

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Refill packs contain materials to replace consumable supplies for 10 kits.

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Teacher Testimonial

Easy to use to reinforce skills and discuss difficult topics. Graphs & diagrams were great!

- High school biology teacher (WV)

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