Mark-Recapture Population Sampling

Catalog #STO-111

How many spiders are hiding in the leaf litter?

Time To Complete Time to complete: One 40-minute class period + homework

How many plastic spiders are hiding in simulated “leaf litter”? Use the mark-recapture population sampling technique to estimate the number of organisms in a population.

  • Capture, mark and release a random sample of spider in your "leaf litter".
  • Recapture a second random sample of spiders and use a mathematical equation to estimate the total number of animals in the population.

Limit 1 free sample per customer

Quantity Price
1 - 9$9.73 ea.
10 - 24$9.25 ea.
25 - 1000$8.76 ea.

Each assembled kit contains:

  • Student instructions
  • 1 bag containing small plastic spiders and paper shreds
  • 10 dot stickers
  • 1 clip

Also required: (no additional materials required)

Buy Unassembled and Save!

Mark-Recapture Population Sampling – Pack of 10 Unassembled Kits

Catalog # STO-111U

Unassembled packs contain materials for 10 kits.

  • All supplies, lab materials, and printed labels
  • Student instructions copy master
  • Easy to follow instructions for kit assembly
Quantity Price
1 - 9$64.89 ea.
10 - 1000$61.65 ea.

This kit does not require refills since all its contents are reusable.

Teacher Testimonial

Love the simplicity, the clear directions and the great way to introduce topics. The cost is appropriate. I like the several formats in which you can order the kits.

- High school biology teacher (OK)

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